TBT – Blue and Gold Tissue PomPoms

Excuse my indulgence in Throwback Thursday as I bring back some posts from my old blog to my current site. 
As is true in most Cub Scout packs. You are always looking for a way to decorate on the cheap, but nice. This years Blue and Gold was my job to coordinate as the Wolf Den Leader. I started with blue and  gold table covers, 36 balloons, a beautiful cake done by a phenomenal cake maker, centerpieces by the wolf den scouts and these tissue pompoms for extra punch. I wish I had gotten more pictures. So If I can find some from friends who went will post those later. Here are some pictures.

This is our cake table. The cake was delicious I was told and was created by Kim. Her marshmallow fondant is a begging situation in our family. My guys eyes light up at just the thought. And the cupcakes I was told were phenomenal. Needless to say I have passed on her number to many. I think as a Scout you should do your best to support local businesses. And the tissue pompoms were part of the display. I would not use yellow again. To translucent of a color. But for 8.00 I made 16 of them with help from friends. I set them up into the accordian fold and my friend Heidi came and pulled them apart for me while I worked on other setup.

I took 5 sheets of the 20×20 tissue paper and folded them in accordian style
Then I cut the end in a half circle to give it a more finished look.


My friend did the pull apart, but I did one to see. First fan out the accordian and then pull the tissue towards the center. To start I wasn’t happy with the ones I did, but as always Heidi just foofs things just right.
Here is the one I did at home to test run.


All in all filled the table a little more. and I thought came out pretty nice.
The first photo was taken by our Pack Photographer. I cannot express how phenomenal it is to ask a parent who has a passion for photography  to catch so many of our activities. We have a private shutterfly account and he uploads the photos and the parents can save for their own memories. If you don’t have a Pack Photographer, find a parent who has a fancy camera, and beg them to go to work for you. It is just awesome. And this way you can print the photos for the end of the year and stick to a board and display or use for registration roundup. I don’t panic to get photos of my son as I run around and helping at pack or den meetings. I am one to want to capture those memories. So I can do my jobs and he gives me something to cherish afterwards with phenomenal photos to remember with. Love it!


TBT – Apron Invite

My Throwback Thursday Post today. Pulling some older items and adding them to my current blog. This file was part of one of my past Quarterly Membership Clubs. If you want me to add this to the KNK store comment below and I will work on getting it uploaded. For now here are some more photos. Enjoy! Chris

Here is a really cute invite created by my friend Heidi with my apron invite from the qmc. This file has the words “you’re invited” and the apron cut in the file. My friend is throwing a cookie decorating party. However, you could this invite for food parties, cookie swaps, or food drives for your local food bank. How about cute thank you’s for that after the dinner party hostess gifts. Or a gift card holder for dinner out. I just can’t stop thinking of the ideas. I hope you cut it and enjoy! Have a wonderful pre-thanksgiving evening. I am resting and hoping my cold goes away before tomorrow and tonight my guys make their apple pies. Lots of great sights and smells.

Happy Thanksgiving!

***Updated May , 2012 for Card A Day Blog**
Here are some additional photos of the invite with the apron opened up a little and to see how it is made. Enjoy!

This photo you can see the glue dot on the left just barely where it holds the pocket closed.

and here is one with the invite inside the pocket of the Apron.

Good Morning from the heat!


Good Morning from hot hot Arizona. This is our puppy Duke helping Dad fill waterers so the horses make it through the day. And help is a very loose term. So fun to see Duke and his brother Pancho running around. Miss their Mom daily still, but wow how these guys are fun.

Have an awesome day.. stay cool and…. Enjoy! ~Chris

Handbag Cutter File

Handbag_VDBCI offered this digital cutter file in a KNKUSA  newsletter.  I am reposting it here for you. Offered in SVG, GSD, KNK, MTC, WPC, AI, DXF

Hello File Fans,

Here is a little handbag file for many uses… Ladies Night Out, Birthday Cards, and Scrapbook Pages. Especially that little girl that won’t let go of her purse that matches Moms.  I’d love to see what you come up with.

Also, you can find my files in the KNKUSA store as I start to load my collection of over 700 files. Having created files for 10 years, I am addicted to cutting and testing them node by node before I offer them for sale. The best comment I have ever gotten… “Your file cuts like butter”. Keep an eye out for more files as they load to the store!






TBT – Corn Tomato Salad

resizedvds_02H45832My corn and tomato salad I bring to every gathering I can. I am posting for Tuesday and everyone who has asked me for it and I always say… ahh. I’ll have to write it down… I love it’s freshness. I am willing to cut corn off the cub for the ultimate freshness. I original came by this from the Sunset Magazine. Years and years ago… However over time I have just made it my own and don’t use a recipe. This one below is very similar to how I do it. I hope you enjoy!

First this is how I would tell you to make it.
Grab about four cobs of corn, a box of tomatoes, one red of white onion of small size,
Olive oil, red wine vinegar, get the feta cheese that has basil (why buy both), some red wine vinegar
Cut the corn off the cob without it flying everywhere.
Put the olive oil about tablespoon and the onion cut up into small pieces in a frying pan.
Let it slowly cook til its shiny and cooked through.
Keep an eye on it and keep stirring cause burnt is gross. While you’re paying attention to it. Quarter the cherry tomatoes. Because cherry tomatoes have to much skin. So more like quartering is better then half.
Then when the onion is cooked throw in the corn and let it slowly cook also stirring while you finish the tomatoes.
Once the corn is cooked through but not overcooked then throw it in the bowl with the quartered tomatoes. Toss it all together. Now do about 5-10 shakes of the red wine vinegar and toss. Then let it sit for a bit and throw the feta cheese with the basil in it on top and toss. You don’t want to put it on while its to hot or it melts. Put it in a clear or white bowl to serve because the colors really pop and the “frozen corn” sounds like a good idea, but just ruins the freshness.
And then below is a recipe similar to my thoughts about. Haha. in that I guessed at the measurements.
I was told that “the chew” made one not to long ago that reminded folks of my salad I bring all the time. The benefits of bringing a yummy side dish is that I get to eat it because I know it’s gluten free. Woohoo.
Corn tomato salad
1/2 Cup red/white onion, chopped
I containerd cherry/grape tomatoes, halved/quartered
1 Tablespoon olive oil
4 Cups fresh corn on the cob, about 4 ears
a pinch of fresh basil (or get the feta cheese with it)
2 Tablespoons sherry/red wine vinegar
feta cheese on top afterwards. ( just get the kind with the basil and sun dried tomato in it)
How to make:
– Over medium heat, stir onions in olive oil (5-7 min) until limp
Serve within 4 hours. Let it sit at room temperature. And serve that way.
Although I have served out of the fridge the next day.  Who can pass it up.
*******I just found the original recipe from Sunset on my food pinterest board of course. sheesh. here it is..


Got any bbq side dish recipes. We always have the meat, but coming up with easy side  wears me out.
I’ve decided to use the Throwback Thursday date as a way to bring back some of my old blog posts and move them here. If you’ve read it before, I hope you re-enjoy. If you it’s your first time Enjoy! ~Chris

Fly Away Cutter File with Plane and Clouds

Visual Designs by Chris Digital Cutter Files - AI GSD KNK WPC MTC SVG


I miss offering free files for others to “Enjoy” . I need something for a friend so I created this. It is a cloud and plane and I added the words Fly Away. I hope you enjoy the file. I would love to see anything you may create with my files. Feel free to link in the comments below or on our facebook page.






This file is offered in AI, KNK, WPC, SVG, MTC, DXF


My Files are offered at KNKUSA.com

If you would like to see my additional files for sale, they are at KNKUSA.com. I am adding to my collection at KNKUSA. You can see what I currently have to offer here. 

TBT – Tack Room fixes

I’ve decided to use the Throwback Thursday date as a way to bring back some of my old blog posts and move them here. If you’ve read it before, I hope you re-enjoy. If you it’s your first time Enjoy! ~Chris


My husband impresses me all the time. This was his latest fix for our revamped tack room. He needed a blanket rack for the horse blankets and so he threw out some ideas here and there for the last week and then came in and said I got it. He welded a piece of rod iron fencing to some rebar and horse shoes and then anchored it to the wall. My hubby is a jack of all trades. Welds and is always working on improving things it is awesome. I know we are in for a change when I hear… “I’ve Been Thinking” Usually if it’s in concrete I know it’s secure, but if it isn’t well …. it’s up for debate. Here are pics of his saddle blanket rack.

And I found this appropriate for the Tack Room refrigerator. An ode to John Wayne, a Luckenback Texas sticker from our honeymoon and a magnetized bottle opener. I must say that Luckenback stick brings back found memories of the prettiest dance floor I have ever seen in my life. We pulled in to this little place where the sign was and looked at this falling down barn thinking what are we doing. And when we opened the door we just sat there and smiled my husband gave me a little spin on the dance floor and it was the shiniest gleamiest (is that word?) smooth wood with a ton of coating floor. It was beautiful. I yearn to kick up my boots on it again.

And then of course something I think every tack room needs. A cute cowboy. but I might be a little but biased. And that rack on the back is a rack for more tack that he welded. Second hand horseshoes. We have buckets of them.


Thank you for indulging with me and reminiscing on Throwback Thursday!




Time and Silence


I saw this today and thought about my Mother’s Day request of my hubby. Please let’s just stay home. Low key. Maybe BBQ. Sometimes we are so busy that I feel like squeezing out that one day a week where we are just home and together can be hard. Honestly, the flip side of the token, I wouldn’t cut anything we do out. I used to run to and fro and say yes yes yes. I’ve gotten good at. “We can” and “we can’t”. Such a hard thing to say sometimes. It isn’t a turn down because I want to slight others or hurt others feelings. It is purely the fact that sometimes…. we can’t.

So my plans tomorrow are to read a book about being “younger next year”. Goes along perfectly with my Mother’s Day gift which is a bike trainer. We are going through change here. I can see it in our food, movement, exercise and priorities. It is an awesome thing. Especially when a child says to a soda commercial aloud…. ” refreshing? Drink water. Sugar and acid are not refreshing.” I just had to smile when I heard him.

So tomorrow we will have some “time” together and also some “silence” when I close the door to my bedroom to read while the new xbox game is placed. Well sometimes you make a little “silence” of your own. Why not? We are Mothers. Most of us can make lemonade out of lemons.

What are your big plans tomorrow?  I hope they are perfect for you.

Love My Life.


Birthday Challenges -warrior dash

My hubby and good friend signed up for the Warrior Dash in the Phoenix area.

It fell on my son’s birthday. So we spent the day watching crazy people competing in the warrior dash.
Here are some photos of my guys.

This was the mudpit at the end. Yep mudpit. :)

My gorgeous hub waiting to go. So proud of him. He really enjoyed it thoroughly. And wants to get a bigger group together and go next year and really push it and get through as quick as he can. This was before he started. And yes participants received a free beer coupon and this lovely helmet below. Haha. Cracked me up.

My son is modeling it here. He is anxious to turn 14 and join Dad.

Tips for the participant or folks waiting for one:
-people watching is awesome
-bring shade and a chair. (There was one shade we found a spot under.) My friend Michele brought a chair for me after sitting on a blanket on the ground. I could have kissed her. I wanted to buy a bucket from one of the stands selling stuff to sit on.  Maybe someone will start selling warrior dash chairs with the kilts and flags.
– food available to purchase included a turkey leg. (Oh so manly to see a huge buff ripped man dressed in a Dorothy sequin dress with the cowardly lion. And the tin man. And all three chomping on  big turkey legs. Let’s just say they wore it well. The wizard would have been proud. It was quite entertaining watching people realize what the costume set was.)
– shoes… if you are participating.. they will take your shoes and donate them after you have soaked them in the mud pit, if you like. They had large recycle bins for shoes.
-cleanup… well after the race you get your muddiness photo at the photo op.. then can head over to the water trucks where they will attempt to spray you clean to a point. Pretty much bring a towel to sit on anyways. It is muddiness craze.
– gear check in.. they had a check in. We didn’t use it because we were watching the stuff. However, most seemed to go from the end of race to gear check out. And work from there.

-photos. Anyone who had a camera or phone had them in waterproof cases. You travel down a water slide to a huge mud sludge pit you have to get into because of the barbed wire over your head.

Needless to say my hubby is trying to get together a team of folks who want to go and really do it up.

Who knows maybe next year you’ll see me covered in mud donning a red hat with horns. You never know. It could happen.

Here is a group photo in case you were wondering how muddy muddy could be. haha.

My guy is the middle one facing the camera just right of middle.







The group photo op that you need someone to take a pic of you for.

It was my son’s birthday and he reallllly wanted to be part of the guys. So he jumped right in. Red helmets and horn also.


I must say all our adventures. I really “love my life”.


Friday Smile No Laundry Let’s Fly Away


Okay folks here is my Friday smile. I had to listen to it a few times to get what the Dad was saying. I can remember having conversations after conversations with my son D. And listening to my handsome cowboy do the same with him. We could just talk for hours about blehblehbleh. Such great story times.  I think this Dad is just a bit frustrated over laundry. I get where he comes from I am not a great cleaning/laundry/housekeeping person. Thank goodness my hubs loves me for me.

Enjoy your Friday and your Easter!