Handbag Cutter File

Handbag_VDBCI offered this digital cutter file in a KNKUSA  newsletter.  I am reposting it here for you. Offered in SVG, GSD, KNK, MTC, WPC, AI, DXF

Hello File Fans,

Here is a little handbag file for many uses… Ladies Night Out, Birthday Cards, and Scrapbook Pages. Especially that little girl that won’t let go of her purse that matches Moms.  I’d love to see what you come up with.

Also, you can find my files in the KNKUSA store as I start to load my collection of over 700 files. Having created files for 10 years, I am addicted to cutting and testing them node by node before I offer them for sale. The best comment I have ever gotten… “Your file cuts like butter”. Keep an eye out for more files as they load to the store!






Fly Away Cutter File with Plane and Clouds

Visual Designs by Chris Digital Cutter Files - AI GSD KNK WPC MTC SVG


I miss offering free files for others to “Enjoy” . I need something for a friend so I created this. It is a cloud and plane and I added the words Fly Away. I hope you enjoy the file. I would love to see anything you may create with my files. Feel free to link in the comments below or on our facebook page.






This file is offered in AI, KNK, WPC, SVG, MTC, DXF


My Files are offered at KNKUSA.com

If you would like to see my additional files for sale, they are at KNKUSA.com. I am adding to my collection at KNKUSA. You can see what I currently have to offer here. 

Please help me support Cystic Fibrosis and a freebie

Today I am offering a free file and an opportunity for you to get an additional set of files to thank you for donating and helping me support my sister, this cute cute little nephew of hers and those researching Cystic Fibrosis.


My sister has this cutey patootey nephew. He is just wonderful. He has Cystic Fibrosis. My sister is walking to support him. I cannot join her because I have another commitment, but I wanted to help her raise some funds for her Team.


This offer has expired. Thank you to those unbelievable awesome people who donated. and so many who went above and beyond $5.00 as always the crafting community is phenomenal and full of so much heart.  You can scroll down and download the single file freebie. 

If you visit this link, and donate $5.00 or more. Come back here and fill out the contact form below and I will send you the link to download these files within the next 24 hours of your form email. This set includes files in AI, SVG, KNK, MTC, WPC, DXF and a printable pdf.


This offer expires and will be taken down Saturday, March 29th, 2014. If you have friends who may be interested, please share with them. And yes there is freebie below for those who cannot donate. I totally understand!



Here are the steps:

1)Visit my Sister’s Walk Page… THIS LINK and donate.

 – Donate $5.00 or more

– In the Donor name, if you want to be anonymous, please  choose the “non anonymous” and post just the first two letters of your email you will use on the contact form below. (This way I can match everything up.)

– And feel free to cheer the team on for that little Micah!

2) Come back here and Fill out the Contact form.  Below and send. I will try to get the links all out within 24 hours.

Thank you! Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude in helping  support my sister and this little smile.

3-26-2014 7-00-27 PM


CONTACT FORM REMOVED DUE TO EXPIRATION OF OFFER. But you can still download the below file.


If you are not able to donate now, I totally understand. I still have a freebie for you. Below is a digital cut file. I hope you can use it on many projects. I checked every piece and every node for a smooth cut.

3-26-2014 6-32-52 PM

The link takes a second to fade in after clicking. So just give it a second to come up.

Thank you for helping me to continue to offer freebies on my blog by clicking the share link.





Be Kind – Spring Break Fun

My sister came up with an awesome idea. Let’s visit Ben’s Bells and volunteer some time. My friend Heidi came with us. She brought her kids too and it was an awesome day. 3 adults and 5 kids. Easy to manage. The Adults were well behaved this time around. haha.

Can I just say this organization just makes my heart sing. A simple message of “Be Kind” . Kindness. Plain and simple. I see the web/tv/schools lately as filled with so much cut downs, making fun of, blasting others for their thoughts etc etc. It just blows my mind. I wonder what our world will come to in the future where every movement, every thought, every differing opinion is persecuted and cast down. It only takes one person in a group of many to “be kind”. I’ve had those people in my life and they were the sun in a cloudy patch. I hope in the future I can continue to be someone’s sun. And hopefully one of our beads will end up being the sun for someone in of that life.

If you would like to know more about Ben’s Bells, here is the link to their site. 

I hope you find someone in your day that you can be “be kind” to.





Our experience. We came at about 10 and sat at a table that was out in a courtyard patio near our local University. There was paint in a crate and the table had brushes and water. Wear shirts and pants you are not worried about getting paint on. We sat in the beautiful sun and surrounded by tall trees and enjoyed the conversation and silliness of our children. Then after ate at the close Hot Dog Venue called Mutts. The food was quick, yum, and devoured by our group.

I highly recommend the entire experience and may also recommend it to those who may be visiting. It was only a few hours and yet. Perfect. There were lots of other options for food right in the near vicinity.

Ages. Our youngest was three and he petered out but sat in Mom’s lap. I could see this as being the youngest. Everyone else painted and did fine.

More then 4 people I would say call and let them know you are coming.

Minecraft Cards

I recently was asked for a get well mine craft card on my previous blog. Here is what I came up with to offer.

I, also, tweaked to include an inside for a Birthday. I know it sounds like wahh?? but it works. So if you have a minecraft loving kid who is awesome and healthy and celebrating or possibly sick and needs a pick-me-up and here are your options.

This is for your personal use.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Thank you for helping me to continue to offer freebies on my blog by clicking the share link.



Inverted Corner Frame


Working on a few cards for birthdays coming up and needed a simple frame with an inverted corner. So I looked and looked through my files and couldn’t find one. So created one for me and for you.  Hope you can use it!




Thanks for stopping by!!

This file is offered in AI, KNK, WPC, SVG, MTC, DXF


My Files are offered at KNKUSA.com

If you would like to see my additional files for sale, they are at KNKUSA.com. I am adding to my collection at KNKUSA. You can see what I currently have to offer here. 


Pink Birthday Card



I have a collaboration Birthday card to share today. I have some Copic Markers and my son really wanted to use them. I had an extra print of some digi-stamps and so he colored in and left it on my color clipboard. It was wonderful because I needed a birthday card for my God Daughter. Perfect time for a collaboration birthday card. Lots of fun and he totally smiled when he saw it finished on my studio table. Love that!


-My son colored with Copic Markers
-I have no idea where the digi stamp came from. Just found it in my downloads.
-I used a cuttlebug to emboss the Happy Birthday pattern on the pink paper
-Some red and white gingham ribbon, red cardstock and pink cardstock all from my studio.
-Stickles on the heart
– Silver heart (covering a woops) and 3 rhinestones found in drawers in my studio.
-Fiskars scissors for material used on the paper to cut the jagged edge.
-Working with my Son’s Project. Priceless

Although Copic Markers are pricey and it can be stressful the ends will get bent, I find my Son is very respectful of my things when I let him borrow them. I cannot imagine having said no and missing this opportunity to have a collaboration card. This is not how I would have colored this image at all. I love what he did with it and it will be perfect to accompany our gift.  If you have little ones around, try inviting  them into your space, your craft room, and see how they can inspire you.


Basketball Cards



Still celebrating my new space. So here is a project life download for today! I’d love to see your projects you can find out how to share with me on the contact paqe above!


In my quest to make a project life album this year, I needed a few basketball cards. I have created some for my own project and share them with you. If you use them, I would love to see your project. I created them vertically and horizontally because I needed them both ways. These files are for personal use only. The password is iagreetou. They can be downloaded in pdf format to be printed.









Sunburst Card Cuts



Still celebrating my move to a new space. Woohoo!

Today, I am offering you a file to make your own sunburst/starburst card. I cut this to create a 4×6 card. I cut 4 different papers and created 4 different sunbursts. One I used on my handsome Hubby’s card, another I cut to use in my project life and the others I put in my to use pile. They will be quick and useable for birthday cards etc. You can increase the size of the file and make a larger burst or two.

I like these cards. Pretty fun and full of color if you choose the right papers.

I will post the rest of my card pictures later in the week.



File details:
Clicking the below LINK means you are agreeing to Personal Use Only Terms
You can download here.
This is for your personal use only.
The files already loaded when I prepare this post are: MTC, SVG, DXF, AI, KNK
I will upload more versions when I have different softwares open.


Please share your projects with me. I would love to see them. You can contact me by anyway listed on my Contact Page. 




Valentine Card Cut

Today … or rather this week… I have some freebies to share. If you like them, please share my blog post with them. So here is the first one offered this week.

Thanks for stopping by!

This is a card that cuts away the hearts and you will need to back it with some paper on the inside. VDBC_heartanddovecard


The details…
This file is for personal use only.
By Clicking on this link below
You are confirming that you will not share nor pass on my file. That it is for your own personal use. 
You can download the file here.

I would love to see what you create. You can email to me, visit the VDBC facebook page, or join our crafting Facebook group page.