Good Morning from the heat!


Good Morning from hot hot Arizona. This is our puppy Duke helping Dad fill waterers so the horses make it through the day. And help is a very loose term. So fun to see Duke and his brother Pancho running around. Miss their Mom daily still, but wow how these guys are fun.

Have an awesome day.. stay cool and…. Enjoy! ~Chris

Time and Silence


I saw this today and thought about my Mother’s Day request of my hubby. Please let’s just stay home. Low key. Maybe BBQ. Sometimes we are so busy that I feel like squeezing out that one day a week where we are just home and together can be hard. Honestly, the flip side of the token, I wouldn’t cut anything we do out. I used to run to and fro and say yes yes yes. I’ve gotten good at. “We can” and “we can’t”. Such a hard thing to say sometimes. It isn’t a turn down because I want to slight others or hurt others feelings. It is purely the fact that sometimes…. we can’t.

So my plans tomorrow are to read a book about being “younger next year”. Goes along perfectly with my Mother’s Day gift which is a bike trainer. We are going through change here. I can see it in our food, movement, exercise and priorities. It is an awesome thing. Especially when a child says to a soda commercial aloud…. ” refreshing? Drink water. Sugar and acid are not refreshing.” I just had to smile when I heard him.

So tomorrow we will have some “time” together and also some “silence” when I close the door to my bedroom to read while the new xbox game is placed. Well sometimes you make a little “silence” of your own. Why not? We are Mothers. Most of us can make lemonade out of lemons.

What are your big plans tomorrow?  I hope they are perfect for you.

Love My Life.


Birthday Challenges -warrior dash

My hubby and good friend signed up for the Warrior Dash in the Phoenix area.

It fell on my son’s birthday. So we spent the day watching crazy people competing in the warrior dash.
Here are some photos of my guys.

This was the mudpit at the end. Yep mudpit. :)

My gorgeous hub waiting to go. So proud of him. He really enjoyed it thoroughly. And wants to get a bigger group together and go next year and really push it and get through as quick as he can. This was before he started. And yes participants received a free beer coupon and this lovely helmet below. Haha. Cracked me up.

My son is modeling it here. He is anxious to turn 14 and join Dad.

Tips for the participant or folks waiting for one:
-people watching is awesome
-bring shade and a chair. (There was one shade we found a spot under.) My friend Michele brought a chair for me after sitting on a blanket on the ground. I could have kissed her. I wanted to buy a bucket from one of the stands selling stuff to sit on.  Maybe someone will start selling warrior dash chairs with the kilts and flags.
– food available to purchase included a turkey leg. (Oh so manly to see a huge buff ripped man dressed in a Dorothy sequin dress with the cowardly lion. And the tin man. And all three chomping on  big turkey legs. Let’s just say they wore it well. The wizard would have been proud. It was quite entertaining watching people realize what the costume set was.)
– shoes… if you are participating.. they will take your shoes and donate them after you have soaked them in the mud pit, if you like. They had large recycle bins for shoes.
-cleanup… well after the race you get your muddiness photo at the photo op.. then can head over to the water trucks where they will attempt to spray you clean to a point. Pretty much bring a towel to sit on anyways. It is muddiness craze.
– gear check in.. they had a check in. We didn’t use it because we were watching the stuff. However, most seemed to go from the end of race to gear check out. And work from there.

-photos. Anyone who had a camera or phone had them in waterproof cases. You travel down a water slide to a huge mud sludge pit you have to get into because of the barbed wire over your head.

Needless to say my hubby is trying to get together a team of folks who want to go and really do it up.

Who knows maybe next year you’ll see me covered in mud donning a red hat with horns. You never know. It could happen.

Here is a group photo in case you were wondering how muddy muddy could be. haha.

My guy is the middle one facing the camera just right of middle.







The group photo op that you need someone to take a pic of you for.

It was my son’s birthday and he reallllly wanted to be part of the guys. So he jumped right in. Red helmets and horn also.


I must say all our adventures. I really “love my life”.


Friday Smile No Laundry Let’s Fly Away


Okay folks here is my Friday smile. I had to listen to it a few times to get what the Dad was saying. I can remember having conversations after conversations with my son D. And listening to my handsome cowboy do the same with him. We could just talk for hours about blehblehbleh. Such great story times.  I think this Dad is just a bit frustrated over laundry. I get where he comes from I am not a great cleaning/laundry/housekeeping person. Thank goodness my hubs loves me for me.

Enjoy your Friday and your Easter!




Thank you to everyone!

A quick thank you to those who donated to my Sister’s Walk Page. All the links have been sent. I greatly appreciate your support, kind words, and thoughts. The crafting community is phenomenal and full of large hearts.



Please help me support Cystic Fibrosis and a freebie

Today I am offering a free file and an opportunity for you to get an additional set of files to thank you for donating and helping me support my sister, this cute cute little nephew of hers and those researching Cystic Fibrosis.


My sister has this cutey patootey nephew. He is just wonderful. He has Cystic Fibrosis. My sister is walking to support him. I cannot join her because I have another commitment, but I wanted to help her raise some funds for her Team.


This offer has expired. Thank you to those unbelievable awesome people who donated. and so many who went above and beyond $5.00 as always the crafting community is phenomenal and full of so much heart.  You can scroll down and download the single file freebie. 

If you visit this link, and donate $5.00 or more. Come back here and fill out the contact form below and I will send you the link to download these files within the next 24 hours of your form email. This set includes files in AI, SVG, KNK, MTC, WPC, DXF and a printable pdf.


This offer expires and will be taken down Saturday, March 29th, 2014. If you have friends who may be interested, please share with them. And yes there is freebie below for those who cannot donate. I totally understand!



Here are the steps:

1)Visit my Sister’s Walk Page… THIS LINK and donate.

 – Donate $5.00 or more

– In the Donor name, if you want to be anonymous, please  choose the “non anonymous” and post just the first two letters of your email you will use on the contact form below. (This way I can match everything up.)

– And feel free to cheer the team on for that little Micah!

2) Come back here and Fill out the Contact form.  Below and send. I will try to get the links all out within 24 hours.

Thank you! Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude in helping  support my sister and this little smile.

3-26-2014 7-00-27 PM


CONTACT FORM REMOVED DUE TO EXPIRATION OF OFFER. But you can still download the below file.


If you are not able to donate now, I totally understand. I still have a freebie for you. Below is a digital cut file. I hope you can use it on many projects. I checked every piece and every node for a smooth cut.

3-26-2014 6-32-52 PM

The link takes a second to fade in after clicking. So just give it a second to come up.

Thank you for helping me to continue to offer freebies on my blog by clicking the share link.





clicking and clicking til I find something of awesome

I recently saw a news article about this couple in Minnesota where the husband had had a seizure and the couple found a note in his pocket that said where his car was parked. I loved the positive of this and it connected with me to.

Most days I read and breeze and very seldom do I keep clicking and clicking ’til I find something of awesome.  And there it was just a few word hidden on the bottom of an “about page” . Surrounded by that ever fearful word of “cancer” and how we know more and more people who can say. “yep I have or know of someone with, fighting, in chemo with cancer” But just a simple line of perseverance and human nature that I could just get on board with and made me smile. That no matter the big C word there was huge and magnificent fight going on in this couples  lives and they were the better and the stronger of their combatant. That they were literally fighting for Aaron’s Life and taking it head on. I was filled with this “RIGHT ON” moment and had a cheshire grin on my face. I had found my end of the “click til I find something awesome this morning” and there it was. On a page about a man and a woman and cancer.

Their testament to their fight and their plan to  be awesome!

If you would like to read more about this couple. Their website is here. 

Cheers to them. For I cheer for Aaron, their love and life as well!

Freaking awesome!



Morning Animal Check-in


Most mornings at our house is animal check-in. Did our electric fence hold out the coyotes and others? Did they make it through the night. This is just a part of life on the edge of open land leading to the mountains. Something we have just learned to live with and do our best with and keep safety of the animals we have here in mind.  This morning the smell of skunk is on the breeze, but very faint – thank goodness- …… and  we have an additional cat. Huh. Rarely do I think our numbers will go up over night. We shall see how long the puffy stays. Or if we were a safe place on the inside of the fence away from coyotes for the night. In general I’d like him to just wander on because we have a calm set of  leisure circumstances here lately. I will have to share some photos of our Cody, the border collie, and his harem of cats. They massage his back, and he just lays there in awe. He gets upset when they don’t come to his porch with him and settle down. No matter how I want to remind him they are here to keep the packrats and in turn the rattlesnakes away. He should know this since he is our snake bit dog.  We shall see what happens with the new cat.  It is always interesting. Love it.


PS I couldn’t resist the flower photo I took a few mornings ago from my front porch pots that need to be planted. I am ready for spring. I will look for my Cody and cat harem photos to share.

Can I have this in Poster size?


Friday Humor: Pinterest

I must tell you I love the Pinterest. Love it. but this really speaks to some days with Pinterest activities. Don’t you think? Well for me anyways… Yes I am blaming my messy studio on Pinterest.

And the addict in me says… If you have some boards you love, please share in the comments below. Or if you have your own, please share and I will look it up.

Enjoy! Chris

Hobby Lobby Humor


Ran across this gem at the local Hobby Lobby.

I walked around the corner of an aisle in Hobby Lobby and heard giggling and giggling. I walk around the corner. My two guys smiling.

My son says.. Do you see it? I said yes.

And that is how you entertain men in hobby lobby when you made them stop before dinner and they were hungry. haha.