I offer files,  but have small amounts of time to create them because I run another business. The desire to be creative, make files and share with others keeps me at it. 

I will be following up on contact on Fridays for a few hours.  If you can join the VDBC Crafting Fun group there is an amazing group of ladies there that may be able to help you. Below I have put a few of the FAQs I get to hopefully answer some questions. It is not that I don't want to follow-up. It is that to continue I have to keep control of how much time I can devote. I hope you understand. :-)

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Because I was unable to keep up with a forum, I started a facebook group called "VDBC Crafting fun" I invite you to join myself and others there and share your crafting projects and ideas. Also, I tend to post my freebies there first in hopes of getting a few samples to post with the freebie. woohoo.

You can reach me in many places.  


However, on the weekends and evenings, I tend to spend time with my guys and try to disconnect. My son is getting older every day and I don't want to miss any hugs that I can absorb. Time with my hubby is a blessing because we both work lots in our quest for the "American Dream". Love it!

You can use the contact form below or email me at cdurnan "at"

Below are all my social media links.

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A few of the Frequently Asked Questions I answer...

Only SVGs

I only offer SVGs now because I need to cut down on creation time. SVG are the quickest and used by most. From time to time if I have another file type I will add it.

Love to see the creativity

Thank you to the many who have sent me their photos of files in use. Please feel free to email them to me or post to the facebook group or page. They are amazing. Thank you.

Broken Links

Yes, I have a lot of broken links on my blog. I used to sell files online in a few places. I will try to go through and clean the site up. But really I'd rather just create files for you.

Why the click locker?

I want to use an online storage that is easy to access and easy to manage from my computer. I have switched to onedrive. But I won't know how many folks are actually downloading files or if they are liked. so I need some type of counter. This was the easiest route for me.

Your Old Files?

I lost alot of files on my computer. I do have some files for sale at KNKUsa. You can check there to see if what you are looking for is there. When I closed the store down, I asked everyone to backup and save many of their files because I would not be able to replace them.

Lost your files?

I have had a few send me the files they purchased from me because they know I lost many of the files I created. I appreciate you and thank you. I would never ask because you paid for them. But I thank you for your kind generosity. My heart glows with the support I have received from this community for many years. Thank you.