Love You to Pieces

loveyoutopieces_PamSA friend asked me to create this. I cut it for her in transparency and sent it to her. So she could stamp it some for her nieces. Hopefully, she will send me a picture to share here with it.

I did however, post this to the VDBC Crafting Fun Group on Facebook early. So I wouldn’t ruin her families surprise.


Thank you to Pam S. for sharing her take on the file.

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Valentine’s Day Card – wood grain


I created this card after purchasing a Paper Studio Embossing Folder on a binge shop at Hobby Lobby. That store can be so dangerous. And it was on sale for a few dollars. I used the wood grain for Valentine’s Day, but originally purchased it because they had some very “guy” style folders. I am constantly on the quest for non-frilly with my guys.

A very easy card. and not to fooffy. I hope you Enjoy!

Embossed brown paper, Scuffed it up a bit
Used a heart paddle punch to cut the heart.
Glued some red scrap behind it and left it to dry.
Then printed the verbage and glue the card to the front.

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