Time and Silence


I saw this today and thought about my Mother’s Day request of my hubby. Please let’s just stay home. Low key. Maybe BBQ. Sometimes we are so busy that I feel like squeezing out that one day a week where we are just home and together can be hard. Honestly, the flip side of the token, I wouldn’t cut anything we do out. I used to run to and fro and say yes yes yes. I’ve gotten good at. “We can” and “we can’t”. Such a hard thing to say sometimes. It isn’t a turn down because I want to slight others or hurt others feelings. It is purely the fact that sometimes…. we can’t.

So my plans tomorrow are to read a book about being “younger next year”. Goes along perfectly with my Mother’s Day gift which is a bike trainer. We are going through change here. I can see it in our food, movement, exercise and priorities. It is an awesome thing. Especially when a child says to a soda commercial aloud…. ” refreshing? Drink water. Sugar and acid are not refreshing.” I just had to smile when I heard him.

So tomorrow we will have some “time” together and also some “silence” when I close the door to my bedroom to read while the new xbox game is placed. Well sometimes you make a little “silence” of your own. Why not? We are Mothers. Most of us can make lemonade out of lemons.

What are your big plans tomorrow?  I hope they are perfect for you.

Love My Life.


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